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When we started thinking about Biocreme we clearly know the products we would have created. After more than 10 years of experience in the medical field, where very high standards are required, we wanted to bring our experience in cosmetics too.

And so, in the last two years, we started to look for precious raw materials to offer to our formulators. Day after day, week after week, we brought our experience and passion in the products we offer today on the official website Biocreme.

Today producing a good cream, of the highest level,  requires a very expensive process; for this reason Biocreme prepares and distributes its products directly to its customers from the heart of the company located in Cremona (Italy), where research and control procedures are constantly monitored. Indeed, each of our cream is subjected to controls at every stage of the production cycle.

Biocreme produces its own products according to the current regulations in terms of safety and quality and each reference is subjected to severe tests. Our company has also obtained the UNI EN ISO 13485:2004 on standards of quality.

It is unnecessary to underline our total rejection towards the cosmetics targeted only to massive sales of low cost and low quality of the product, with the use of Parabens, Pegs and artificial colors that are harmful to your health.

We love nature and animals too! No products are tested on animals (luckily it is also prohibited by law) and all of our cosmetics are O.E. free, Paraben free; they contain 100% organic ingredients, with no pegs and no artificial colors.